SubmitCGAP: remote file submitter for CGAP

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This is a tool for uploading files to CGAP.

System Requirements

  • Python 3.7, 3.8 or 3.9
  • Pip (>=20.0.0)
  • Virtualenv (>=16.0.0)

What To Do Next

Advanced users who have already installed Python can proceed to instructions for Installing SubmitCGAP.

Less experienced users should start with instructions for Installing Prerequisites, which will introduce some basics for working with the terminal and installing the dependencies to run this package.

Although at some point SubmitCGAPr might offer the ability to use rclone invisibly, for now it uses awscli only. But we do now experimentally offer some instructions for Using rclone instead at the end of this documentation in case that’s an option you want to pursue.